The best place to buy new glasses – online vs. your eye doctor

From groceries to garden furniture, we’re used to buying almost anything online. For some items, however, getting that in-person service and advice from a trusted professional is still a real benefit.

With an ever-growing online marketplace for eyewear, where’s the best place to buy new glasses? Let’s look at the reasons why buying your eyewear at your eye doctor’s office is always best.

Personalized recommendations

female holding pair of glasses

When it comes to eyewear choices, eye doctors and opticians have the greatest knowledge. They help people buy new eyeglasses every day. The shape, style, or color of your frames can make or break your look, and it’s often hard to be subjective if you’re choosing yourself. So why take the risk?

At your appointment, our team will ask you a few questions based on your lifestyle, preferences, taste, and needs so that they can make a personalized decision on what frames to show you. 

From cat eye and aviator to square and oval, there’s such a wide choice to navigate, and without the support of an eyecare professional, you’re flying blind. We’ll take your eye color, face shape and prescription into consideration, helping you to find your perfect pair of affordable prescription glasses.

Accurate measurements

Nobody wants glasses that slip off their nose, press too hard on their temples, or cause headaches and tired eyes. Proper-fitting eyeglasses are a must-have. 

A professional, in-person fitting will ensure the lenses are correctly centered and the frames are comfortable enough to be worn for long periods. Your eye doctor can take precise measurements to ensure your new eyeglasses fit well.

Try them on before you buy

Try glasses before buy

We’ve all bought something online only to find it’s not quite right when it arrives. That might be OK for a pair of sweatpants, but you don’t want to compromise when it comes to your glasses. You’ll be wearing them a lot, so they need to be comfortable and feel good, and they’re also a reflection of your style.

Like a tailored suit, glasses aren’t something worth taking a risk on. You want them to be perfect. At our office there truly is no limit – we stock a wide range of frames to suit all budgets including designer eyewear that our patients can try on. 

Quality control

It’s hard to figure out the quality of the lenses and the frames when you’re buying online. Smart photography can make them look better than they are, and when you receive them, you might realize it was too good to be true.

Visit your eye doctor, and you can look at the quality of the frames, feel them in your hands, and discuss lenses and coating options with trustworthy advice to make sure you’re getting the quality you want.

Adjustments and post-sales service

Adjustments and post-sales service

You’ve been wearing your new glasses for a week, and they’re rubbing slightly, or you’re getting eye strain. What do you do? If you bought them online, you’d need to send them back for another pair (if you can). At best, you’ll be without glasses for a few days; at worst, your replacement pair will be just as bad.

If you bought them in person, you can return to the office and ask for your eyeglasses to be adjusted. It’s a quick and easy job for a trained eye doctor or optician.

Visit us

Visit our office to find your new pair of glasses and choose from a wide range of styles. If you’re having trouble finding us, just Google “eye doctor Quincy, IL”.

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