Introducing our very own Gem City eyewear

It’s fair to say we’re proud to have our office located in the town of Quincy, Illinois.

Quincy has some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and our celebrations and festivals are hands down the best! The town has that special something that makes you proud to call it home, so we’re thrilled to introduce you to our very own eyewear brand inspired by and dedicated to our hometown.

A gem of a city

For the uninitiated, Quincy is known as the Gem City. It’s this identity that has inspired our eyewear range.

When Quincy was developing, it was a thriving hub of commerce. It had abundant land for crops, a booming flour and sawmill industry, and trees that produced the timber to build homes and businesses. 

It’s no surprise the town flourished. It was so successful that Illinois dubbed it the “Gem City” and the name has stuck ever since.

A local eyewear brand to be proud of

From Dior to Dolce and Gabbana, plenty of international eyewear brands are out there, but if you’re looking for glasses you’ll feel proud to wear, why not try something local?

Our eyewear collection, Gem City, is filled with all the style and panache of the global mega-brands, but design and heritage are rooted right here in the heart of Quincy. As our own eyewear brand, we’ve been able to combine high-quality craftsmanship with a wallet-friendly price point – because, why should all high-quality eyewear have to break the bank?

The finest materials and latest in production technology

Gem City eyewear is made from only the finest materials and the latest production technology. It brings together Quincy’s classic heritage and its progressive, modern outlook. 

The glasses frames are crafted using Italian acetate and quality German and Japanese components. A team of talented designers bring these cutting-edge materials together to create frames that match the beauty and quality of the most exclusive brands.

Quincy landmarks at the heart of the designs

If you’ve browsed our eyewear collection before, you may have noticed something familiar – each frame is named after local Quincy streets and landmarks. Although the entire Family EyeCare team unanimously loves the collection, a few stand out as favorites that we think you will love too.


Harrison black glasses

Starting with Harrison, a classic black frame ideal for anybody looking for an understated yet refined style. It’s a unisex frame that looks just at home in the office or at a weekend barbecue. Its shape and styling make this frame a universal favorite.


Maine pair of glasses on a table

Maine is named after Maine Street, known for its historical buildings and culture, so we knew that when designing this frame, we had to ensure that it reflects this heritage. The tortoise color and traditional look give the frame a timeless appeal, just like the houses and businesses on Maine Street. But behind the look lies modern, high-tech design and materials.


York pair of glasses on a counter

York is our flyweight metal frame featuring espresso coloring, smooth lines, and an effortlessly stylish shape. If wearing glasses feels weighty, this is the frame for you. They’re so light you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them.


Oak pair of glasses on a shelf

The Oak frame embodies feminine chic. It features different colored temples, and the cat eye shape gives a classy, elegant look. A little bit of Parisian je ne sais quoi meets Quincy. 


Adams pair of glasses

Our Adams frame is bold and modern. Its square lenses with thicker sides give a more pronounced look. It is a distinctive and dashing frame for a gentleman who likes to make a statement. Think Clark Kent, AKA Superman.

Check out Gem City Eyewear at our office today! 

Come and visit our office to see the collection for yourself and make your next pair of glasses Quincy-inspired. 

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