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Getting the right pair of glasses for your child is a tricky business. While the lenses are undoubtedly the most important element of the glasses, they aren’t much use if they sit at home or in the bottom of a school bag, unworn.

Several brands manufacture kid’s frames, but Tomato Glasses is one that really knows how to make glasses that fit just right.

About Tomato Kids Glasses

Tomato Glasses were developed when the founder struggled to find suitable glasses for his 2-year-old son. His son needed vision correction, and the only glasses available were bulky, too heavy, and didn’t fit his son’s smaller head size and the flat bridge of his nose. It’s safe to say he didn’t end up wearing them.

This marked the start of Tomato Glasses. The brand creates frames with both comfort and style at its core. What began as a simple quest for one child has turned into a successful endeavor that has helped children worldwide.

Glasses Features

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When you look at the features of frames created by Tomato Glasses, it becomes clear how the brand has managed to command such a strong place in the market.

The frames are lightweight, flexible, durable, and constructed from non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials. Comfort and adjustability are paramount. Cushioned ear tips, non-slip ergonomic shapes, and patented nose and temple pads allow for micro-adjustments to ensure they fit perfectly. 

This means that those with Down syndrome or flatter nose bridges can rest (and play) easily. With an additional option of an adjustable head strap for the more active days, Tomato Glasses provide outstanding eyewear for kids.

Size And Styles

Tomato Glasses USA currently designs frames for 4 different age ranges: baby, kids, junior and young. The baby range comes in a single style but in various colors, while the other ranges have a choice of oval, round or rectangular frame shapes.

The color schemes are punchy and fun, keeping with the playful nature of the company’s ethos. These glasses can all be fitted with special or heavier lenses so they remain secure and comfortable even when your child is moving around.

The Importance Of Glasses Fitting

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Getting the right fit and style makes it much more likely your child will wear them. Each style comes in various sizes, including the baby range, and coupled with all the adjustable elements, you can get the precise fit you might struggle to find elsewhere. 

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We’re sure you’ll be impressed with the quality and adaptability of Tomato Glasses, and we encourage you to come and visit us in-store for a more hands-on experience. Here at Family EyeCare, Quincy, IL., we have the experience and commitment to ensure you leave with the best possible glasses for your child. Get in touch with one of our friendly team members for further details!

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