Could contact lenses be for you?

Are you considering trying out contact lenses? If you’ve been wearing glasses for a while and are looking to experiment with something different, contacts could be just the thing for you!  Read on to learn more about contact lenses, the advantages of wearing them, and the steps involved in getting fitted with contacts.

Why you should consider contact lenses

Could contact lenses be for you? 1

Contact lenses are a fantastic option for anyone looking to correct common vision correction issues such as near-sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. In fact, approximately 45 million people in the US currently wear contact lenses. The benefits of contact lenses are numerous, from providing a more natural and realistic visual experience that comes closest to your natural eyesight, to offering more freedom compared to glasses.

Not only are they perfect for people who play sports or enjoy leisure activities where glasses may be considered an obstruction, but they’re also a great option for people who simply prefer not to wear glasses at all. Whether you’re looking to wear them occasionally or full-time, contact lenses can offer you a clearer and more comfortable vision experience.

Pros and cons of contact lenses

Could contact lenses be for you? 3

If you’re on the fence about contact lenses let’s weigh up the pros and cons with insights from our expert optometrists to help you make your decision.


There are so many great reasons why you should wear contact lenses:

  • Provide a natural, panoramic field of vision without restricting your vision as they sit directly on your eyes.
  • Great for an active lifestyle, sports, exercise, and travel.
  • Comfortable to wear and made from breathable material.
  • Don’t cause reflections or obstruct your vision or fog up in hot or cold temperatures.
  • Suitable for virtually all prescriptions including astigmatism and multifocal, with daily, 2 weekly, monthly, and extended wear types all available.
  • Give you a natural look that goes with every occasion and outfit.
  • Allow you to wear non-prescription sunglasses so you don’t need to keep swapping between your regular glasses and shades when the sun’s out.
Could contact lenses be for you? 5


To level the playing field, here are some cons of wearing contact lenses to consider when making your decision:

  • Small adjustment period when getting used to wearing and caring for them at the beginning.
  • Requires regular contact lens aftercare checkups with our optometrists.
  • Good hygiene and care must be followed everyday, whether it’s throwing away your daily disposables, or cleaning and storing your reusable lenses in fresh solution and a clean case before sleeping.
  • Must be removed before showering, swimming, and other water-based activities to avoid them coming into contact with microbes found in water.
  • Can cause dry eyes for some people when worn for long periods of time.
  • You may still need a pair of glasses for the days when you don’t wear contact lenses, or if you get infections like pink eye.

Contact lenses at Family Eyecare

At Family Eyecare we’re committed to providing you with the best possible experience when it comes to choosing the right contact lenses for your vision and lifestyle needs. We’re proud to stock a comprehensive range of the latest contact lenses from the best suppliers on the market from daily disposable contact lenses to extended wear and toric lenses for astigmatism.

Our qualified eye doctors are on hand to guide you through a comprehensive consultation, which includes assessing your vision and taking eye measurements using state-of-the-art technology so we can recommend the best lenses tailored to your individual needs. Our expert contact lens specialists have even successfully fitted contact lenses for people who may have not had luck with them in the past.

Take advantage of our team’s expertise today and change your perspective this summer by getting in touch with us to find out more about contact lenses in Quincy and book a contact lens consultation with us at Family Eyecare.

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