The benefits of photochromic lenses

Have you heard of photochromic lenses? They are specialized, light-adaptive glasses.  We’re here to give you the lowdown on what they are, how they work, and the benefits of photochromic lenses.

What are photochromic lenses?

photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses are often referred to as Transitions lenses, which is the name of one of the most renowned brands available. They are essentially a pair of glasses and sunglasses rolled into one pair. When exposed to UV light, the lens quickly darkens and returns to a clear state when indoors.

This isn’t all that makes them so appealing, though. They can self-tint with every shade in between light and dark depending on how much light they come into contact with, offering you that all-rounded solution wherever you are.

How do they work?

Photochromic lenses contain trillions of molecules that can change their structure when exposed to UV light.  They are a clever mix of silver halide and chloride that remains invisible until the reaction process begins.

It typically takes about 30 seconds for the lenses to darken completely, and the reverse process takes just about as long when fading back to clear.

What are photochromic lenses good for?

photochromic lenses good for

Photochromic lenses have many benefits, the most important one being that they provide 100% UV protection. Overexposure to UV rays has been shown to increase the risk of age-related eye problems, so with these lenses, you know you’ll always be protected.

Why buy two pairs when you can have one? By purchasing a single pair of dual-purpose glasses, you won’t need two separate pairs. There is also the added convenience of always having your “sunglasses” with you—you won’t be annoyed at yourself for leaving them on the counter at home. 

You’re less likely to lose them! No more rustling around in your bag, trying to find them and potentially scratching them or forgetting where you last left them. All you’ve got to think about is one pair. 

There is also an array of lens options to choose from, so you’ll be able to pick a shade and tint that suits both your style and lifestyle.

Elements to consider

windshields block UV light

As windshields block UV light, you’ll find some brands aren’t designed to react when driving, so do let us know if driving often factors into your lifestyle needs when considering your photochromic lens options. 

The lens technology also means that the tint may not be dark enough for people with high light sensitivity.

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Photochromic lenses are undoubtedly a modern wonder that works extremely well for people of all ages. Now you know what they are and how they work, get in touch with one of the team at Family EyeCare in Quincy, IL if you have any questions or are considering making the switch.

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