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Night & Day Contacts

Night & Day Contacts

AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® Aqua soft contact lenses are the first contacts approved by the FDA for up to 30 nights of continuous wear. What's truly revolutionary is that they allow six times more oxygen to pass through the lens to your eye than do ordinary soft extended wear disposable lenses.

NIGHT & DAY contacts are ideal for people with busy lifestyles, because they eliminate the tedious daily hassle of inserting, removing and cleaning lenses.

NIGHT & DAY contacts can be worn around the clock for up to a month, and then discarded. Already more than 500,000 people worldwide are enjoying the comfort, crisp vision and incredible convenience of these breakthrough lenses.

NIGHT & DAY contact lenses offer these benefits:

Convenience - NIGHT & DAY contacts eliminate the tedious daily hassles of inserting, removing and cleaning lenses.

Comfort - NIGHT & DAY contacts help minimize the discomfort of dryness due to lens dehydration. As well, they resist deposit buildup. Ninety percent of the wearers completing an FDA study rated their comfort as "very good" to "excellent."

Easy Handling - Of those same FDA study participants, 89% rated lens handling as "very good" to "excellent."

Health - NIGHT & DAY delivers six times more oxygen to your eye than ordinary soft extended wear contacts, and 40% more oxygen than recognized minimum for overnight wear.

Night and Day Contact Lenses

Are NIGHT & DAY Contacts Right For You?

You should consider NIGHT & DAY if...

- You are presently thinking about laser eye surgery.
- You think that contact lens wear is too inconvenient.
- You previously have not been able to sleep in contacts.

Learn more at the official website of New Focus® NIGHT & DAY™ soft contact lenses

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